Beltane 2014 : A Season of Empowerment

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Mountain Mysteries Festivals are going greener!

We here at Mountain Mysteries are attempting to lessen our impact on the environment as much as possible. Not too far in the past we moved registration online and now we no longer need your tickets to be printed out and brought with you!!  This is a little step in the right direction and hopefully we can continue to make green choices!

We need your help!! 

 The garbage company onsite does not have an option for recycling.  If you would be interested in taking some bags for recycling off-site with you when you leave please let us know.  We will do our best to pre-sort throughout the weekend.  If you are unable to take recycling with you please try your best to make the most of the other two R's!

Since the beginning of Mountain Mysteries over ten years ago, one of our major goals has been to provide opportunities for the community to spend more time together and create stronger bonds within our extended tribe. A festival of family friendly Pagans, let’s gather as one and enjoy each other’s company! We provide festivals with a family friendly atmosphere where our guests participate in rituals, attend workshops, meet great people, and find cool supplies. Beltane festival and Mabon festival are weekend long events with local and bigger named guests hosting workshops, performances by bands, and camping in the Great outdoors. Day passes are available for those who can't stay overnight. And if you would like, we offer camping opportunities over the summer as well. We are pleased to host our events at a privately owned campground, Heavenly Acres, in Central Virginia. We have visitors from all over the place even so far as South Carolina, Maryland, and Connecticut! So when you ask yourself 'Where can I find a pagan festival in Virginia?' look no further than Mountain Mysteries.