Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

The folks who help make this happen - Mabon 2019

Dedication, planning, and some luck all combine to help the team keep things running. Ever wonder where the coffee comes from or who checks for wristbands? Now you know.

All weekend long, if you ever need anything just look for those wearing a green bandana, the bags under the eyes, and smiles!


Deb sets this ship on its course, and steers us into calm waters.

Need her help? Email her at:

Education Coordinator

Wendy Curry Dons Her New Green Bandana

Wendy is there to help prepare shenanigans, get you on your workshop feet, and help you find the best workshop to attend! Need her help? Email her at:

Guest Services Coordinator

Ashley is our Guest Services coordinator and an amazing witch! She will be the first person to greet you when you arrive! Need her help? Email her at:

Ritual Coordinator

Jamie Burton is a NEW Green Bandana to the team, and is taking on the role of Ritual Coordinator! We know that he will do an amazing job! Welcome to the team, Jamie!

Need his help?  Email him at:

Vendor Coordinator

Have a thing for semi circles... Enjoy long walks around and around... Can't bear the idea of no shinies!? Then grab a can of line maker and join Dustin while he attempts to bring to the festival local and no so local artists. Its a great job and somebody has to do it.  

Need his help?  Email him at:

Site Coordinator

We are bereft of a leader in this position. Do you think you can train up to be our fearless site lead? Send us an email!

Email us at:

Volunteer Coordinator

Zach has the task of getting people to spend time helping make this festival happen by asking them to assist with amazing and glamorous jobs like fill the tikis, help tear down a stage, and of course check for toilet paper! In addition they help coordinate the year round effort these festivals take by helping to grow leaders from our community to serve our community. What a rewarding venture!   Need his help?  Email her at:

Entertainment Coordinator

April tieing on the new Green Bandana

April "Horse Teeth" Tos is the Entertainment Coordinator.  When not frightening hapless Gelflings, she spends her time grumbling to herself as she digs through piles of old movies and performer applications. So!  You want to know?!  Humph! End, begin, all the same. Big change. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad.   Questions, questions, too many questions.  

Need her help?  Email her at:

Financial Services Coordinator

June has spent far too many years rocking out. She enjoys everything about music and what is can do for people. While her personal practice is best described as eclectic she has been on a spiritual journey as long as she can remember. While not playing music she enjoys spending time with her husband, their two cats, and super adorable dog. If you can't remember the lyrics to that one song ask her. She will hook you up.  

Need her help?  Email her at:

Marketing Coordinator

Belinda and Wanda hamming for the Camera

Belinda Stargazer works on getting you information at the speed of light, and ensuring the information reaches new friendly pagans within the community to join us each fall and spring! She is an Eclectic Witch who is a Priestess with the Ladies of the Loins Coven.  

Need her help?  Email her at:

Safety Coordinator

Safety is taking a break right now, and if you would like to pick up this hat, just email us!  

Need his help?  Email him at: