Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

Just a few thoughts from our guests...

Some of the nice things people have said about us in the past that we want to share!

“I was really impressed by how hard the festival organizers worked to make the weekend’s event run smoothly and to make everyone feel welcome. As a former event planner for a living I know just how difficult it is to make a large event run seamlessly and I am grateful for all of the efforts.

The event’s location in the foothills near Shenandoah National Park is very sacred and beautiful — No wonder some of you have chosen to live there! Such a peaceful and hopeful place.

I loved the rituals I attended, and the fact that they were all a bit different, but kept to a tight focus of intent and working. I also thought the music was top-notch, and I keep raving about the fabulous musicians to my friends.

Most importantly, I brought away many good feelings about being able to practice my religion openly and publicly, if only for one weekend. I have had some thoughts about the little things I can do with respect to living my religion a bit more “in the sunlight,” even if mainstream culture still has trouble with it’s minority faiths. I think that the more folks who follow earth-centered paths come together in groups — the more the world will need to recognize and accept us for who we are and for how we choose to live our lives. This is a powerful thing for folks who are mostly solitary, or who practice in very small groups.

Many blessings, and may our paths cross again soon."

(aka ~runningwave~)
from Annapolis, MD

“What a wonderful weekend. Thank you all for making our first visit with the group a great one. As I was informed by my kids as we left to head home “We Will Be Back For Beltain”. If we dont see any of you before then ……….Blessed Be.”

“Thanks and Blessings to the Planners and All who contributed their energies to the Mountain Mysteries Mabon Festival this past weekend! Sat night’s jam was mind blowing with the fire dancers and chimney fire! Gavin and Yvonne added a whole other dimension of depth. It was so great seeing old friends from many years of attending Beltane at this location as well as meeting new friends. Heavenly Acres is indeed a Sacred Cove…there is something about this particular place on the Earth that feels so SAFE and NATURAL. I am thankful for that. The Energy of the entire weekend was the same for me and my family…safe and natural. As my 11 year old daughter, Joy said when we got home, “I feel like this weekend recharged my soul…like I can now make a fresh start in life.”
Much Love,

“I have never been to a festival of any kind that had the energy of the Mountain Mysteries Mabon Festival. It was truly amazing and wonderful to be there. At every moment of my journey to Virginia and all during the festival weekend, I continually experienced synchronicity.  I received validation of my own inner journey, encouragement in my purpose of life, and energy and love to take away with me to help me grow and thrive spiritually.  The entire mood of the weekend was one of love and compassion and community.  In that light, let me extend my warmest regards (and please quote me here) to all the committee members and those who helped make this weekend the incredible success that it was…”

We hope to add many more... possibly one from you!  We look forward to seeing you there!