Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

Mountain Mysteries Rituals

At each of our festivals we try to offer different types of rituals to attend to the variety of paths that our community follows. Please join us for one or all of our rituals. Participation is not mandatory and you may opt to watch politely instead.

All times, locations, and classes are subject to change.

Welcoming Ritual: Lighting of the Sacred Balefire

with Aurora Lightbringer and Nick

Main Ritual Area

Friday 7:00 pm

To everything there is a beginning. A great way to shake off the worries and woes of the "real" world and reconnect with the Earth. Please join us in opening our magickal weekend. We opted for a later Welcoming ritual this time around to allow more time for people to be able to join us!

2014 Maypole Dance

with Lisa Adams

Main Ritual Area

Saturday 4pm

Dance and sing as we weave our fates for the coming season. Young and old alike join together as a community. Those who just want to watch are welcome as well. Bring your bells and flowers to wear and make this year a sight to behold!

Main Ritual

with Deb (White Owl Woman)

Main Ritual Area

Saturday 5 pm

The community gathers to connect and honor traditions. A time to laugh, chant, sing, worship, or show reverence. This ritual is being led by Deb a member of The Weavers.  Come together to raise energy and prepare for the coming summer.

Saturday Evening Sacred Fire Lighting

with Aurora Lightbringer and Nick

Sacred Fire Circle

Saturday 8:00 pm

The Wheel of the Year has turned and we are in the light part of the year! It is time to CELEBRATE! Join us in the festival's final lighting of the sacred balefire to kick off a night of drumming, dancing, and connection as our *re-energized and re-empowered* selves revel in the joy of this Beltane season!

Closing Ritual

with Jamie G.

Sacred Fire Circle

Sunday 12 pm

Meet in the fire circle to join hands and Merry Part. A place to give thanks to all that make it possible to be here, say good bye to friends old and new, and take a few deep lingering breaths prior to going back to the mundane world.

The Weavers

Beltane 2014 Ritual Facilitators

The Weavers are a component of Full Circle, which is a participatory, spiritual practice program of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis (UUCA) that integrates a variety of earth-based traditions with the principles of Unitarian Universalism. UUCA’s Full Circle hosts a variety of public programs each year including solar circles for men, women and children; full moon circles for women; and children’s workshops. The Weavers could be considered the steering committee for Full Circle. Weavers is an opportunity for these women to delve into their souls, and find their voices, explore and release their own power. A main goal for Weavers is to empower strong women to enjoy power with—rather than over—other women and to develop ways to create welcoming, safe, and sacred space for all ritual: personal, public and private. Weavers is a diverse group coming from several faith traditions both in- and outside of pagan/earth-based spirituality. A non-hierarchical group, all members take on leadership roles. The group opens periodically to welcome new members.