Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

The folks who help make this happen - Beltane 2018

Dedication, planning, and some luck all combine to help the team keep things running. Ever wonder where the coffee comes from or who checks for wristbands? Now you know.

All weekend long, if you ever need anything just look for the green bandana, the bags under the eyes, and smiles!


Deb sets this ship on its course, and steers us into calm waters.

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Education Coordinator

Wendy Curry is joining the Green Bandanas this year to bring you some amazing workshops this Beltane!

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Site Coordinator

Carol Aldridge is heading up the Site planning for the Green Bandanas this year!

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Vendor Coordinator

Have a thing for semi circles... Enjoy long walks around and around... Can't bear the idea of no shinies!? Then grab a can of line maker and join Dustin while he attempts to bring to the festival local and no so local artists. Its a great job and somebody has to do it. 

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Volunteer Coordinator

Diane has the task of getting people to spend time helping make this festival happen by asking them to assist with amazing and glamorous jobs like fill the tikis, help tear down a stage, and of course check for toilet paper! In addition they help coordinate the year round effort these festivals take by helping to grow leaders from our community to serve our community. What a rewarding venture!  Need her help? Email her at:


April goes where the spirit leads her.  Not one to adhere to one set of rules or ideals, she delights in exploring whatever is presented to her.  This practice continues in her musical and visual tastes as well.  With a CD collection that contains everything from ABBA to Metallica to Dweezil Zappa, her tastes are diverse and eclectic.  Her movie collection covers everything from Kiki's Delivery Service to Dawn of the Dead.  There's always a new band or movie to explore! She is pleased to share her journey with you as Entertainment Coordinator. 

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Guest Services

Meet Wanda, our Guest Services Coordinator: I started my path in 2002, I have always walked a different path having a Native American grandmother to teach me the ways of our people at a very young age. My life took on a new direction after her passing..our ways having taken such negative talk from those who would rather judge than understand us. I finally accepted who I am and have always been. Now I try to tell people what I am and how I live, what I follow and I have found that once they hear this and see it is not what has been put in their heads they seem to understand better and try to be more open. I try to let the light shine and the love grow and erase the fear and hate.  Need her help?  Email her at:

Financial Services Coordinator

June has spent far too many years rocking out. She enjoys everything about music and what is can do for people. While her personal practice is best described as eclectic she has been on a spiritual journey as long as she can remember. While not playing music she enjoys spending time with her husband, their two cats, and super adorable dog. If you can't remember the lyrics to that one song ask her. She will hook you up. 

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Marketing Coordinator

Belinda Stargazer works on getting you information at the speed of light, and ensuring the information reaches new friendly pagans within the community to join us each fall and spring! She is an Eclectic Witch who is a Priestess with the Ladies of the Loins Coven. 

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Ritual Coordinator

Aurora Lightbringer is an artist, teacher, mother and Earth-Centered Spirituality coach. She is the author of the Magically Inspired book series- children's books dedicated to young people growing up in Earth-centered faith traditions. Aurora works across communities to custom design workshops, rituals and events that encourage empowerment and healing for all participants. She is an advocate for Pagan children in Public Schools. She lives by the water where she enjoys painting and gardening and drumming by the campfire. 

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