Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

Common questions:

 I need help with the new ticketing system!  How do I purchase tickets online?
We have started selling tickets directly from our website.  This new system allows us to steam line the process and hopefully make things easier on you when registering.  The system uses a Paypal checkout similar to other websites you may use regularly.  We have put together a step by step guide to help those who may need help.  If you need more assistance you are always welcome to contact us.  We are happy to help and will make sure you are able to attend festival!
 I want to buy a Day (or Evening) pass and camp.  How do I do it?
Our website only allows a certain amount of products to be carried.  Due to that restriction we don't offer the camping add on pass anymore.  Please contact us before you purchase your passes and we will help tailor a solution based on your needs.  
  How do I pay by check?
While we use the internet to process our tickets to keep down on paperwork we do accept checks.  Please contact us directly for more information.  
  What is your weapons policy?
We ask that you keep all blades peace-bound.  Any blade being used by a host(s) in a Mountain Mysteries ritual may be unsheathed during the ritual after which it should be rebound.  Any blades being used for camping purposes or private ritual in your campsite should remain at your campsite during the entire event.    We are camping, after all, and we acknowledge that knifes are essential tools.  We simply ask that they be used for those purposes exclusively.   If you wish to consecrate or charge your ritual blades at any of the festival features, please contact a Green Bandanna prior to performing your work and we will help you make it happen.  
Firearms, on the other hand are strictly prohibited in public and we reserve the right to expel and exclude future participation any guest who disregards this rule. 
   We have a  service dog among us and the pet policy seems pretty strict. Do you apply this to service dogs?

At Mountain Mysteries we love animals in all shapes and sizes.  Our policy regarding pets does not apply to Service Animals.  All Service Animals are welcome.  Of course there are some guideline that apply but these are no different than any other public area.

A Service Dog must be wearing a vest at all times in the event area that identifies the dog as a Service Animal. 

While a Service Dog is onsite, the person has to be responsible for the dog. The person is responsible for the dog’s behavior and if the dog misbehaves (barks, growls, etc) the campground and or Mountain Mysteries has the right to ask them to leave. 
The person is required to clean up after the dog in public areas and keep the dog under control at all times. Some folks have trouble cleaning up after their dog we ask that you either toilet the dog in out of the way places or ask another person such as a Mountain Mysteries team member for assistance.  

Thank you for you question and I hope this clears up the difference between pets and Service Animals for all of our guests.

   Can I just pay when I get there?

Absolutely. We offer onsite registration but the price does go up for on site sales.  We encourage you to try and plan ahead to get the best rate but understand and welcome those who are last minute guests!  We accept Cash and Credit Cards at Registration.

   I have a family and I see you have a family pass.  Is this really a bargain?

Yes,  purchasing tickets separately adds up.  By choosing one of the family pass options you will save no less than $10.00!  Every penny counts and we want all families to be able to attend festival!

  I want to vend but there isn't room, can you help?  
I don't have enough items to rent a large vending space, what should I do?
I am not sure I am up for the task of vending but I want to try it.  Do you have something for me?  What is the Craft Bazaar?
While we have in the past offered the option to vend at the Craft Bazaar we have suspended this offering based on lack of participation.  We may in the future bring it back if it becomes needed again.  If you are interested in bringing back the Craft Bazaar and are willing to dedicate some time to the project contact us directly and we will get you in touch with the Vendor Coordinator.

   I don't have a lot of money right now, do you offer scholarships, discounts for presenters, or work shifts in exchange for lower rates?

At the time we do not offer any discount options.  We do try to make our festival pricing competitive and try to offer the fullest festival experience possible.  We are working on details for a work/study or scholarship program and we will let the entire community know when we have a fair way to make that happen.

   I would like to help out more, What I can do?

Our Volunteer Coordinator is always looking for a few great people to help out.  Also, while you are visiting if you see something that is obvious feel free to chip in.  Picking up one piece of litter makes the whole place look better.

   Can I bring my own firewood?

We spoke with Gary directly about this.  He does provide firewood bundles onsite for only $5.00.  As we discussed why bringing your own fire wood would be a problem he mentioned insect species that can infiltrate an area and cause damage to the ecosystem.  After further research we found this pamphlet detailing the Department of Forestry's efforts to halt the transportation of firewood.  We also ran across information that detailed 'local firewood' being found between 10 and 50 miles from the destination with 50 miles being listed as too far.  Please respect the ecosystem of the campsite and support Gary at the same time by purchasing your firewood onsite. 

   Does the day pass cover the whole weekend minus camping?

The day pass covers one day only; either Friday or Saturday from 9am until Midnight.  Day passes do not include camping.

  I bought a ticket but now I can't attend.   Do you offer refunds?

We do not currently offer refunds as this event happens rain or shine and many of the acts, the campsite, and offerings have already been paid for.  If you need further assistance or have specific questions you are welcome to contact us to discuss your circumstances.  

   How early we can show up on Thursday?  What are the  hours of the festival?  When do I have to leave because I don't want to go back to the real world yet!?

Good question.  Our schedule is designed to provide as much time in the great outdoors as possible while still allowing the staff to sleep!  The schedule looks roughly like this:


10:00 am    Staff arrives to finish site set up.  Volunteers are welcome to come as early as this.

12:00 pm    Guests may arrive to set up camp, relax, or pitch in with set up.

  8:00 pm    Evening entertainment starts (depending on Sunset for movies)

12:00 am    Close of day

Friday and Saturday

  9:00 am    Registration Opens

10:00 am    Workshops Start

10:00 pm    Quiet time ie. End of electronic entertainment.  (Drumming and Dancing may continue)

12:00 am    Close of day (Drumming and Dancing may continue.)


  9:00 am    Registration Opens

10:00 am    Workshops Start

12:00 pm    Closing Ritual (Major site Breakdown has already started)

12:45 pm    Site Breakdown Volunteers Welcome and always Needed.  

Before Dark Staff Bids Farewell to another festival.  

A few things to note:  Quiet time is in full effect after 10pm.  There is a new noise ordinance in Greene County which limits the sound we can make.  Hand drumming (within reason) seems to be under the required reading.  If in doubt ask a Green Bandanna.  The Close of day refers to Mountain Mysteries Staff.  We of course expect and welcome drumming and dancing around the Sacred Fire Circle into the wee hours but out of respect for the staff have decided that their responsibility ends then.  This also allows them to come and join in some of the late night activities!  Of course in the event of an emergency we are still happy to help and will do everything we can to keep everyone happy and safe all weekend long.  Also, Site set up and breakdown consists of much more than that huge stage!  We need help with a lot of smaller projects that take as little as 10 minutes to complete and require no heavy lifting just a helping hand.  We know that you have places to go so we are trying to make it easier than ever to pitch in.  Find someone with a green bandanna to ask what projects are still available.  You may be able to do more than you think!

If you choose to come earlier or stay later you must make individual arrangements for your payments with the campground.  

   What supplies should I bring?

We suggest that you bring any camping gear you may need for a weekend trip if you plan to camp. While that means different thing to different people you may want to start with an extensive list then eliminate items you don't think you will need.  It is never a bad idea to be a little over prepared and don't forget the ground can get cold so make sure to have ground blankets in the event of a slightly deflated air mattress.  Also, since seating can be limited please bring something you are comfortable sitting in.  Camping chairs work great and are light enough to carry around.  

If you are planning a day trip we suggest wearing good shoes, sunscreen and hats, a chair, weather appropriate clothing or jackets and a canteen or reusable water bottle and enough liquid to keep yourself hydrated.  There is water available at the flush toilet areas but it may not be completely cold.  

While most workshops are discussion based there are some that you may want to take notes at.  It is a good idea to have a notebook, a writing surface, and writing utensils.  There are also some workshops that are movement based so please dress comfortably.  

We have in the past had food vendors onsite so you may want to take that into account when deciding how much food to pack.  There are also local restaurants and fast food within 20 minutes of the campsite.  Lunch breaks last an hour and dinner breaks last two hours so if you need to travel offsite to eat you will have time particularly for dinner.  Adults over 21 may wish to bring alcoholic beverages but we do ask that there is no glass near the Sacred Fire Area as guests dance barefoot.  We do provide coffee in the mornings and guests often bring goodies to share at Tree Frog Lounge.  If you would like to contribute please try to mark the items with an ingredient list if possible for those who may have allergies.

We hope this will help you plan well and if you need help don't hesitate to ask someone with a green bandanna.