Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

What will you find here?

As our community continues its journey we have found need of some more specific areas for our guests. This guide will help you become aware of the different areas, where they are generally located, and why you may want to check them out. Keep in mind all areas of our community are family friendly at all times. As always if you have suggestions please don't hesitate to let us know

Area 52 Beltane and Mabon Kids Area

Area 52

- Located in the Bazaar! - 

At Beltane 2014 the kids named the tent. They felt it was fun and that they were like aliens but not quite. Stop by and say hello. We are always looking for volunteers to help out as long as they love glitter!!


- Located near the God Lodge- 

Not a girl... not yet a woman? This is the place for you. And the young gentlemen of the community can enjoy the TARDIS, too!  This is well lit area for the youth of the community to chill out, chat, and have and host workshops for, by, or about teens.  A safe area that is all their own.  

Warning: The TARDIS may or may not have less glitter than Area 52!

The Cove

- Located to the East of the Sacred Fire Circle -

A new workshop location so we can stretch out a bit.  Located to the right of the stage just off the treeline you will find a little oasis of knowledge and learning.  Come and sit a spell while still being close to the action.  

H.U.T. (House of Universal Training)

-Located next to the restrooms at the top of the hill- 

After much ado Mountain Mysteries has a new name for a space that has long been unnamed. Introducing H.U.T. or House of Universal Training.  This location is another respite from the glaring sun, pouring rain, and wind.  Also it happens to be the location of workshops that will happen at the festival.  From the outside it may look like another 10 x 20 tent but from the inside it looks exactly like a 10 x 20 tent.  

Sacred Fire Circle

-Located in the center of The Bazaar!-

By evening, a sacred area for enjoying community, entertainment, ritual dancing, and ritual drumming.  By day, one of the coolest sandboxes ever.  Warm your toes and your soul at the Sacred Fire Circle but be on the lookout for sand art!

Ancestor's Altar

-Located in the trees near the Fire Area-

Shaded by an arch of trees on the edge of ritual grounds stands the Ancestor’s Altar. A felled tree has been given for use and dedicated for our community. Here where we set our community shared altar, candles, incense, pictures or whatever calls you, bring to set up. We want to see this place of honor aglow with the energy this community can put into. Spend as little or as much time as you need. This altar stands and is open for use all weekend.
Remember this is an outdoor area so items need to be able to be exposed to the elements. Also remember before leaving to pick up whatever you brought. Please be respectful of others, other peoples items and the sacred space.

Healer's Tent

-Located up the road from Registration-

This area is dedicated to all things healing.  Sometimes you will find massage tables other times workshops.  Located a little farther from The Bazaar this space allows you a quiet oasis for healing energy work.

Temple of the Goddess

 - Near the tree line across from Healer's Tent -
The Temple of the Goddess is available for your personal use for meditation and making connections with the Goddess.  It is open to all genders throughout the weekend. 

The God Lodge

-Located just outside of the Bazaar! near Ritual Space-

This sacred area is dedicated to the masculine energy that flows within all of us.  Take some time to worship at the altar, connect with the Gods, and learn from the men of the community.  A place to find balance and peace.

Tree Frog Lounge

-Located in The Bazaar!-

At the heart of The Bazaar!, sits a mighty Frog. It sits atop it's throne and invites everyone to come inside and partake in it's various communal snacks and beverage options. Tree Frog Lounge is home to coffee, hot water for such things as warm teas and hot chocolate and various goodies that are provided by our community's Dessert Swap table. It is open most hours during our Beltane and Mabon festivals and is also home to the Free-cycle area. The lounge sits within view of our fire circle as well as the stage and fire spinning area. So if you are feeling hungry or need something warm to drink on a cold evening, then feel free to stop by Tree Frog Lounge. In our efforts to go green please remember to bring your favorite mug or plates/utensils with you. Feel free to stop by and enjoy your stay at Tree Frog Lounge.


-Located in Tree Frog Lounge-

You are familiar with the leave a penny take a penny concept.  Imagine that with sweaters, soaps, jewelry, blankets, and more.  Bring something you no longer want or need.  By making room in our lives we allow the universe to bring even more abundance and joy to our hearts and homes.  If you see something at the table that needs to go home with you please take it with peace in your heart knowing that the universe brought it to you on this day, with a little help from a community friend.  All items left at the end of the weekend will be dropped off at a donation center so don't be shy if you are in need or if you want to let it go.  (Please no broken items or hazardous materials)

Fire Spinning Area

-Located near the stage-

Come show your skills. Professional and amateurs alike are welcome to use the Fire Spinning area to practice your art during non performance or workshop time. Make sure to have an Approved Fire Safety person on hand for fire safety at all times.  Bring your own fuel and equipment.  If you have any questions just ask!