Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

We have a few things to mention:

When you arrive be sure to stop by Guest Services at the end of the main road first to get your schedule, armband, and sign in. If you have any questions there will be someone to help point you in the right direction. Just look for anyone wearing a GREEN BANDANNA onsite, they are part of the Mountain Mysteries Team and are happy to lend a hand!

Bear in mind we are a family friendly festival. No open nudity is allowed. No drug use or alcohol abuse is allowed. If you choose not to follow the campsite rules, Mountain Mysteries rules, or behave in a way that threatens yourself or other guests you will be removed from the campsite. No glass containers are allowed in the festival area. Respect the staff, safety workers, and most of all each other. If you have any questions or concerns please find a team member or go to a presenter. They can get you the help you need.

Check out the Meet and Greet Workshops.

Check the schedule for times and dates.  This is a perfect opportunity for new people to meet up, get to know one another, meet some Green Bandannas, orient yourself, and have some fun.  Every season these workshops are highly attended by old timers as well as newer folk.  Be prepared to laugh!

About Ritual / Festival Ettiquette

Check out an article listing the basics of how you should behave in an open ritual.  Also, all rituals at festival are open to everyone who can be respectful.  If your young one can't contain their energy  and become disruptive we ask they find other outlets for their energy.  This may include leaving the ritual area with their guardian.  

Please note that all rituals can take time and if you have trouble sitting or standing for long periods you are welcome to accommodate yourself accordingly.  Chairs are welcome in circle.  If the ritual requires movement in circle (for instance Maypole Dance) you may wish to sit close to the area.  

Here is an awesome article on festival etiquette

Take a look at our specific festival and campground rules and the waiver/release form.  

Need a handy camping checklist?  We can help!


About the campsite

This link will take you to the campground webpage.

The campsite has primitive tent spaces, water/electric spaces, RV spaces, and Cabins.  Included in your ticket is a primitive site.  All electric/water charges, RV space charges, or cabin rentals should be arranged and paid for directly with the campsite.  If wish to arrive early or stay after festival all additional camping arrangements would be handled directly with the campground.

All sites are first come first serve.  Some guests who prefer a more quiet area to sleep should use the sites that are towards the bridge (at the entrance) however drumming carries a far distance.  If you prefer to be in the action choose a site closer to the festival area.  A Green Bandanna can help direct you if needed.  

Firewood and ice are on sale at the campground.  Gary typically uses an honor system and leaves bundles and ice at an RV site near the red bathrooms on the main road.  Please do not bring your own firewood.  

Each site has an outdoor grilling area available for a campfire or cooking.  Please ensure all fires are never unattended and put out fully before you leave your campsite.

The Mountain Mysteries  Festival is an outdoor camping event. The site is considered primitive.  As a primitive setting, there are a great many obstacles to be encountered.  Hazards are found in plant, animals and Earth based forms. No assurances for personal safety can be made.  This includes the effects of falls, the elements of weather and fire, contact with vegetation, insects, wildlife, or other festival participants. The festival will occur rain or shine.  Registration fees are non-refundable.  No pets are allowed to attend the festival.  All laws, state and federal are in effect at all times and supersede both campground and Mountain Mysteries rules or customs.  Please behave yourself but have a good safe time.