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The daughter of a lifelong astrologer, Mikaela grew up with the frame and language of using astrology in everyday life. Though Mikaela uses other forms of divination, astrology is her favorite because it combines science, astronomy and a type of psychology - allowing anyone to understand people, animals, places and events and how they interact with each other.


Branwenn WhiteRaven aka Paula Jean West is a Third Degree Wiccan Priestess, a travel writer, a photographer, a back to nature enthusiast, and an enigma. She is a 56 Virgo, who resides in Lynchburg, VA with her husband Jamey, the black Labra-beagle dog Keri, and Branwenn’s newest black cat Bijoux. She can be contacted at and welcomes correspondence and questions.

Please have Paula's mother in your hearts. Send healing energy and love to both her and Paula.


I am Michael Koch. I have been in this community off and on for the past 14 years which incidentally is also the number of years I have been living the life of a Pagan. I have an interest in Celtic Paganism, Shamanism, and the Classical Pantheon. I am also one of the people usually dancing around the fire pit each night. I will be teaching the Introduction To Festival workshop, so feel free to stop by anytime with questions or a simple hello.

~Blessed Be!

Willow N.

Willow is a semi-new to the area follower of Thoth from Columbus, OH. She graduated high school in Pittsburgh, PA in 2012 and is planning on attending BRCC in the fall for the JMU bio major transfer program. She's been a gamer of one variety or another for many years now, and is well versed in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. Her stories aren't always penned--some are played.

Samantha Erickson

Samantha Erickson has been pagan for 15 years. She has practiced both as a solitary and as a member of a few groups over the years. She is returning from a hiatus to the pagan community at large.

Debbie R.

I have been doing energy work since I was in my early teenage years and was trained in Therapeutic Touch about 15 years ago. In 2008, I decided to take another step in my journey and was Reiki attuned and trained. I was blown away as my ability to sense and provide energy increased exponentially! Since then, Reiki has become a central point in my life. I am now a Reiki Master and have a small Reiki practice in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia and I continue to enjoy my Reiki journey and feel blessed to have Reiki in my life!

More info available at:

Aurora Lightbringer

Aurora Lightbringer is an artist, teacher and Pagan mom who wanted to create a series of books dedicated to young people growing up in Earth-centered faith traditions. She lives by the water where she enjoys painting and gardening and drumming by the campfire. To find out more and to read some of Aurora's work for grown-ups, visit:

Nuit Moore
Nuit Moore is a Scarlet Shakti Priestess whose temple serves the Goddess in Her many forms as Holy Queen, Divine Lover /Dark Mother, and Sacred Empress of all that is sensual, wild, and ecstatic as well as the dying and rising Gods of the Sacred Marriage, transformation and renewal. She has created and held ceremonial moonlodge (aka Red Tent) circles since the early 90's and loves to bring Red Tent Temple to her sisters any chance she gets ♥ She has been a teacher shamanka of sacred sexuality, women’s red moon mysteries, serpent goddess medicine and ecstatic sacred space for 20 years. She is a lineage carrier and incarnate of her ancestors French/Welsh Romantic tradition which includes the mysteries of the Magdalene, Goddess as Grail and the tantric mysticism of the troubadours. Nuit is also a performance artist, tribal fire dancer and neo-vaudeville/burlesque performer and she employs these arts frequently as a vehicle in service to her personal temple. Blessings of the scarlet thighed Inanna to you!

Flame Tamers

"Haus" Uses what he has learned from the strengths of each of his props and tries to meld them together as he spins. He found his flow a year and a half ago, and has been working poi, rope dart, nunchucku, and staff ever since. Haus has also been known from time to time to light his face on fire.

Chef Phil-38, 6 ft. tall, excellent lover, and flow artist. His tools of choice are staff and poi. He's been cooking up sexy food and fire for many years. He has traveled many places across the country. Chef Phil has learned and taught many moves along the way.

Naked Josh has been a weirdo since Calamity Jane found him at the G-spot (local bar) 6 years ago. Since then he has been playing with whatever toys they give him.

Bob the Builder has been spinning fire for over 9 years. His tools of choice are poi and Anacondas (super snakes.)

Calamity Jane was set on fire 7 years ago and since then has shared of love of all things fire. She is skilled in poi, fire fans, fire staff, and fire cane. She has limited experience with rope dart, fire eating and fire breathing. She is also a skilled fire hooper but is on hiatus until the birth of her second child.

Fancy P Butler

(She who walks between)

I have been a Vodoun practitioner for 30 years. I Studied in New Orleans under mambo mamma Rose. While I was trained in New Orleans I am trained in the Haitian tradition. I have been communicating with spirits and helping them cross over for some 40 years. I became a mambo in 1998 under the direction of Shakmah Windrum. I am of the warrior path although my house is of water. My other gifts include working with herbs and bone casting. I am working with my husband in the Terreiro del Sol Sirgiu which is an Umbanda house.

Charles R. Butler

Description Coming Soon!

Lisa Starnes

Lisa (Adams) Starnes has been practicing witchcraft since 1989. She began her career in Holistic Health as a Massage Therapist in 1995, continuing her studies by becoming a Reiki Master and obtaining certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner, where she learned to work with herbs, homeopathics, energy, TCM and more. To ritually affirm her desire to help others, she became ordained in the Order of Melchizadek in 1996, eventually becoming legally recognized by the State of Virginia as clergy in 2002. Since then, she has performed many weddings and loves to do so. Lisa dedicated herself to the Goddess after re-locating to Charlottesville from the Northern Virginia rat race in 1998. Shortly thereafter, she attended her first Beltane festival – the 1999 Charlottesville Beltane Festival. The following year, along with a group of friends, Lisa became involved with the festival, moving it to Heavenly Acres Campground. Lisa continued on the Beltane Festival committee until 2005 as workshop and ritual coordinator, and as treasurer for the Blue Ridge Pagan Alliance. She was easily lured back in to festival planning with the founding of Mountain Mysteries in 2009 with the first annual Mountain Mysteries Mabon festival. Lisa is a Second Degree High Priestess, although her true path is much broader including Hinduism, Yoga and Buddhism. Lisa has attended several of the Mid-Atlantic Pagan Leadership Conferences, and went on to organize the Central Virginia Pagan Community Conference in 2004, carrying forward the spirit of community organization she learned from the MA-PLC. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from James Madison University with a Bachelor’s in Religion and Women’s Studies in 2004. She likes to tell folks she majored in the Goddess.


(aka MaryKirby)

Amethyst (aka MaryKirby) was born a witch and has been practicing since the age 5 when she discovered that she could fly (sixty years ago). After studying various religions throughout her life, she has somewhat settled down to her own brand of doing what is right without pushing it off on others very often. She owns and formerly operated a Fairies' Circle and founded Haven Universal Life Church. Both of 2hrs entities are on sabbatical but occasionally rear their head for various activities. Amethyst has attended, been a vendor and presented workshops at Beltain at Heavenly Acres throughout all the years it has been held there. She has also presented and been a vendor at the formerly Spring and Fall Gathering of the Tribes in Windsor, VA, at the Harvest Fair at the Mainer's Museum in Hampton, VA, and at Pagan Pride Days in Charlottesville, VA. In the late 1990s, Amethyst was active with the Cauldron and CUUPS in Harrisonburg, VA. Currently Amethyst is making and selling mojo bags, afghans, and scarves. As Mary Kirby she holds a Bachelors of Music Education and Master of Education degrees along with various awards garnered during 30 years of teaching middle school. She is retired and has let her public school teaching license lapse; however, she will tutor and loves to guide individual students through their year-and-a-day and for further training a priestess out priest.


Andy is a Priest and practicing Pagan of almost a decade. His search began with an interest in psychic development, and grew into a well rounded knowledge of alternative faith and Pagan customs. Drawn to the spirits of the Umbanda religion, by his Portuguese heritage, Andy also honours Dionysus and Isis in his humble temple. His background in music, art and threatre also give him a unique perspective in his religious practice and his daily life.