Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

Mountain Mysteries Rituals

At each of our festivals we try to offer different types of rituals to attend to the variety of paths that our community follows. Please join us for one or all of our rituals. Participation is not mandatory and you may opt to watch politely instead.

All times, locations, and classes are subject to change.

Opening Ritual

Location: Ritual Area

Time: 5pm

Please join us in opening our magickal weekend.

Main Ritual

Location: Ritual Area

Time: Saturday 5 pm

Come together and raise some energy. Community from far and wide.  A beautiful site.  All are welcome!

Closing Ritual

Location: Sacred Fire Circle

Time: Sunday 2 pm

Meet in the fire circle to join hands and Merry Part. A place to give thanks to all that make it possible to be here, say good bye to friends old and new, and take a few deep lingering breaths prior to going back to the mundane world.