Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping
Teresa's Booth

Unique handmade items, such as necklaces, headpieces, candle holders, paintings, wooden trinket boxes, spider sun catchers, and many many other items including rings, coin belts, pashmina wraps and assorted other pretty things. Most of my time and energy is spent creating positive-energy infused items in my rainbow filled crafting room, or learning new crafting techniques to share with others. I work with a variety of natural gemstones, glass beads, metals, wood, wire, canvas, cloth and just about anything I can get my hands on, I can breathe creativity into it and make something sparkly. Feel free to come to my shop and visit, have a cup of tea, or just enjoy the positive energy.

Shakti Goddess Arts

Night's Booth

Hand-blended incenses, resins, ceremonial smudges, healing crystals and gemstones, candles, handcrafted jewelry, altar art, and much more!!

art, crafts with pagan appeal. clothing lifestyle home items, handmade ritual tools, leather garnets, sculpture accessories, ornate costume hair pieces, gypsy bottles, experimental functional art and even some hippie shade

Butler Design Services

Tarot decks, elekes, divination (tarot, palms, bones, shells), sacred teaching from Voudoun and Umbanda traditions. Prison ministry outreach. Theatre ministry. Laughter and love. Charles and Fancy are at your service.

Fleur DeLuna

Jewelry - sterling silver beaded and natural stones (goth, steampunk, and earthy styles) household and fashion accessories!

Keep your eyes peeled for those crazy guys with the orange tent. They were there at Beltane and they are back. Bring an appetite!

Lovelies by Li and Friends

A variety of things. Hand-crafted jewelry by me, candles by Carolyn, photography and prints by Steve, possibly hand-made soap by Steve's daughter Kendra.