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Where learning and teaching happen...

Our community is blessed to have individuals willing to take time to share their knowledge with all of us. We hope you will take advantage of all the wonderful offerings.

All times, locations, and classes are subject to change.

All workshops are unisex regardless of location unless otherwise noted in the description.

Mabon 2017 Schedule

Build and Decorate Your Own Travel Didgeridoo

with Forest

Let the pleasing drone of a Didgeridoo cut the darkness. In this the first of 2 back-to-back workshops, you will finish and decorate a Didgeridoo. This will be a travel type instrument about the size of typical textbook, but with a great sound. In the second Workshop, Doug will teach you how to play it. Purchase the Travel Didgeridoo ahead of time ($15) at Registration, and sign up for a special session on how to play.

Learn to Play Didgeridoo

With Doug

Learn the history of the mesmerizing Australian Aboriginal instrument, the Didgeridoo, and how to play it. No experience necessary: bring your own Didge or use one of the presenter’s! Sign up for one of the learn to play sessions at Registration!

The Brazen Psychic
With Elise

Let's talk about life and death and all the people in between. We'll relax and have a chat about experiences, finding yourself, and holding onto hope in a dark world.

Care and feeding of a Balefire
with Jason Aaron

In this class we'll discuss care and feeding of the Balefire and inherent safety. After taking this class and with approval, participants may be inducted into the vaunted Hall of Fire Tenders. *Successful completion of this workshop is a mandatory prerequisite for participation in fire tending.

Create Your Own Goddess or God Workshop
with Sherry Olander

Where, a la Terry Brooks's "Small Gods" we will harness our creativity to birth archetypes that resonate with our own distinct selves and bring them into the world.

Crystal Grid Healing
With Belinda

Learn how to place crystals on you as you meditate for a deeper experience, or a better sleep. We will learn how to recognize what crystals affect us, and where to place them. Please come prepared to lie on the ground, a blanket, pillow, or towel will be very helpful. Bring some of your own stones, as they will likely resonate better for you, but some will be available to practice with.

Fermentation Workshop
With Forest and Dustin

An in depth and detailed workshop on how to make your own fermented beverages. Focus will be on Mead, but the information also applies to making beer and wine. We will look at all of the components of home-brewing; water, yeast, sugars, nutrients, fermenting, bottling, equipment, distillation, sanitation, and every other aspect. If you ever wanted to try your hand at brewing, this workshop will give you most everything you need to know. Each attendee will receive a 24 page set of notes from the workshop. We will also give away 10 brewing kits (everything you need to make mead except for the honey and water).

Introduction to the Lenormand Oracle

With Mike J

The Lenormand Oracle is a fortune telling deck that combines an intuitive learning style with a unique road-map spread. In this introductory workshop, attendees will learn the basic meanings of each card before creating their own personal 9-card readings. Students will also be introduced to larger spreads which can answer multiple life questions in the same reading. No experience is needed for this workshop. You are welcome to bring your own cards, and cards will be provided if you do not have any.

The Magick of Wood
With Wizards Tower

Come explore the Lore, the Mysteries and the Magickal Properties of Wood.

Mead and Home Brew Discussion and Tasting
With Dustin

Come join fellow community brewers as we go over what Mead is, how it's made, and sample those submitted by community members. This is a 21+ only workshop and yes, we check IDs. For those who would like to submit a home brew must do so by signing up at the Guest Services tent during lunch on Saturday. Due to time restrictions, we will not accept any home brews or Mead that weren't pre-registered. As this workshop is 21+, no one will be allowed to join more than 15 minutes after the posted start time.

Mindfulness - The Basics
With Mystfire

Mindfulness is a state of mind that allows awareness of all that is going on inside of you, of the environment around you and your place in it.

Queen of Cups
With June

Shining a light on the 'darkness' ladies experience every month. We will be talking about alternatives to disposable menstruation products and the unique challenges that come with using them. There will be a couple of products on site so we can talk about the benefits, use, and care of the items. While this workshop is designed for those with indoor plumbing all are welcome to attend.

Reiki 1 and Attunements
With Mystfire

Learn the first symbols, their history, and purpose. Attunements available for any level.

The Resurgence of German NeoPaganism

with Burt

Germanic Neopaganism, also known as Heathenry, Ásatrú, and by other names, is the contemporary revival of historical polytheistic Germanic paganism. Many individuals and groups are dedicated to the gods and goddesses of the North and cover a wide spectrum of belief and ideals. This talk will focus on what Heathenism is; how it might compare to other pagan religions; the historical sources of information used by these groups; and, some common rituals through the year that one might find when visiting with these groups.

Shamanic Journey Ritual
With Belinda

Learn how to go on a spiritual journey using Shamanic techniques. This workshop will be held at The Grove and participants will have the opportunity to go on a Shamanic Journey.

Tweak Your Mead
With Sorchae

Have an issue with your mead, and can't figure out what it is?  Bring it along to this workshop, if you can, to see troubleshooting tips on what to do to fix it and many other common problems!

Taiko Drumming
With Forest

Taiko drumming is a Japanese drumming art form. Rhythmic and Driving and Fun! Drums and Bachi (sticks) will be supplied. Come and play the BIG drum. Adults and Youth welcome.

Welcome to Festival Mixer
With June

We welcome you to join us to meet other festival goers and perhaps some of the Mountain Mysteries staff.  We play silly games, shake hands, and make friends!  This is a great opportunity for first time attendees to get the lay of the land while getting to know others who may be first timers or have been to lots of festivals.  Be prepared for silly fun!

The Welsh Tradition of the Mari Lwyd

With Nicole Sussurro

The Mari Lwyd (“Grey Mare”) is a Welsh midwinter wassail tradition, probably originating from a rite associated with the Celtic goddess Rhiannon. One participant wears a horse costume created from a mare’s skull on the end of a pole, with the pole and wearer covered by a sheet and other decorations. The Mari Lwyd party then travel house to house (and pub to pub) beginning at dusk, singing and rhyming with the hope of gaining admittance and being rewarded with food and drink—similar to Halloween. If entrance was refused, the rhyming became a back and forth contest between the Mari Lwyd party and the inhabitants of the house, exchanging improvised verses through the closed door until one side gave up. This workshop describes the historical tradition, how it is practiced as resurgence in modern-day Wales, and how it could be adapted for an American audience.

Zen Time

With Belinda


Take time to pamper you! This time will be used to do a little yoga, papering yourself, aromatherapy, and meditation. Bring a chair and a blanket.