Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

Where learning and teaching happen...

Our community is blessed to have individuals willing to take time to share their knowledge with all of us. We hope you will take advantage of all the wonderful offerings.

All times, locations, and classes are subject to change.

All workshops are unisex regardless of location unless otherwise noted in the description.

A Peek Behind the Curtain - What is Mountain Mysteries?

with Deb

Whether you're interested in wearing a Green Bandanna or just want to see how Beltane and Mabon come together, here's your chance to get the inside scoop. We'll look at how Mountain Mysteries is set up, how the work is divided, how we keep track of it all, how decisions are made. Who the Green Bandannas really are and what each of them contribute and sacrifice. What opportunities are available and what the expectations are. Where we're headed, how we plan to get there and, the role you can play in helping us make it real.

A Better Witch Hat

With Wendy

We will learn how to make your own witch hat. "The best witch hat is one you make yourself." (Granny Weatherwax). Bring your creativity and all your witchiness to get your creative juices flowing. There is a $5 supply fee for this workshop. This is a limited resource challenge, everyone starts with the same materials and then we get your creative juices flowing.

Altar Cloth Magick
With Belinda

Sewing, knitting, crocheting, and all fiber arts have a little bit of magick in them. Play with making your own kind of magick, and weave it into your altar cloth with this workshop. See examples of folk magick, and try your hand at making an altar cloth with the available fabrics. This shop will cost $5, to defray the cost of fabric and accoutrements.

Chain Gang
with Forest Green

Community led informal gathering for those interested in making and working on chain mail.

The Care and Feeding of the Balefire
with Aurora Lightbringer

Learn how to safely care for the main ritual fire, and the community bonfire for the evening!  Also, if you are using poi or fire dancing, you are required to attend this workshop.

Carving and Shaping Wood with Hand-Tools.
With Wizards Tower Kevin

Discusses and demonstrates how to use several hand tools to make useful and/or Magickal tools from wood. Items discussed include spoons and other treenware, as well as wands and other Magickal tools. A hand-out during the discussion will list many of the tools discussed and sources to find them. Due to insurance issues, this is a demo class only. No hands-on instruction.

Drumming Etiquette
with Doug

Learn the dynamics within a drum circle as dancers groove around the fire! When to change the tempo, who the leader is, and where to let the rhythms play itself out before a new jam can begin!

Navigating the Natal Chart: Signs, Houses, Planets and Aspects
with Jamie

The object of this workshop is to provide a basic understanding of the planets and how their interactions through the Houses and Signs provide a portrait of ourselves. The attendees will be encouraged to make a personal connections with the astrological symbols by providing their own perspective of what various combinations of the symbols mean to them. Finally, an interpretation of a natal chart will be completed with a step-by-step explanation of technique which will demonstrate how the combinations of symbols reflect the individual's personality.

Magickal Properties of Wood
With Wizards Tower James

Come explore the Lore, the Mysteries and the Magickal Properties of Wood.

Mead and Home Brew Discussion and Tasting
With Dustin and Forest

Come join fellow community brewers as we go over what Mead is, how it's made, and sample those submitted by community members. This is a 21+ only workshop and yes, we check IDs. For those who would like to submit a home brew must do so by bringing it to the workshop on the time/day of. Due to time restrictions, we will not accept any home brews or Mead that weren't pre-registered. As this workshop is 21+, no one will be allowed to join more than 15 minutes after the posted start time.

New to Public Rituals? Let Us Help!

The word Ritual can evoke some scary thoughts if you have never attended one!  Let us explain what is involved, and the moving parts and pieces to public Pagan rituals so you are prepared to understand what is going on, and be very prepared to participate!

Quest Drums
With Forest

The gossamer diaphanous tone and ethereal melody of these instruments captures the imagination and soothes the soul. Also known as Hang, Hank, Hand Pans, Space Drum, Aura, HAPI, or Zen drums, in this workshop you will finish and tune your very own instrument. All necessary prepared materials will be supplied. You will make your personal choice from a variety of available scales. These instruments normally sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is your chance to obtain one of these rare and wonderful instruments at very low cost by providing your own labor. You will complete your own Quest Drum in this 1 hour workshop. You will need to please bring a pair of leather or heavy work gloves with you.

Tarot Terror: Top Ten Baddies of the Tarot

These ten tarot cards strike fear into the hearts of people when they see them! What will you say when they come up? Join John as he talks about all of these top ten "bad" cards and how they come up in the context of a reading. He will also suggest some ways to explain them to clients!

Taiko Drumming
With Forest

Taiko drumming is a Japanese drumming art form. Rhythmic and Driving and Fun! Drums and Bachi (sticks) will be supplied. Come and play the BIG drum. Adults and Youth welcome.

Welcome to Festival Mixer
With June

We welcome you to join us to meet other festival goers and perhaps some of the Mountain Mysteries staff. We play silly games, shake hands, and make friends! This is a great opportunity for first time attendees to get the lay of the land while getting to know others who may be first timers or have been to lots of festivals. Be prepared for silly fun!

To Weave a Tale - Children's Workshop
With Wendy

Listen to a number of very different stories and learn how to present them yourself!