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Welcome to Our Kids Page

Hearing about a kid friendly festival usually means kids are welcome, but how welcome are they really? We pride ourselves in actively and openly including kids in our festivals. We offer kid friendly workshops, yummy snacks at the Tree Frog Lounge, and the opportunity to participate in not only the adults ritual but their very own ritual as well.

All times, locations, and classes are subject to change.

Kids Workshops

Wand Making

Friday 1-2

by Marjorie

Come join Marjorie for a fun time creating your own magickal wands from things found in nature. Make a beautiful piece of art from reclaimed pieces as well as art supplies.

Story Time For All Ages

Friday 2-3

by Aurora Lightbringer

Come join author Aurora Lightbringer, for a reading of her new Pagan children's book "The Wheel of the Year". Learn a chant about the Sabbats and create a special Mabon craft to take home.

To pre-purchase a copy of the book please order here!

Mountain Mysteries workshop on gaming


Friday 3-4

by Willow N. and Owen

This class briefly overviews basic types of games and gaming platforms, then goes more in-depth on the topic of "tabletop gaming", namely with Dungeons and Dragons. Children can choose from one of five classes and one of five races to help the good Lord Harold Planter, king of the land of Pigpimple, save his kingdom from the evil and vicious Lord Moldybutt. Smaller children may choose a class (monster included) for which they can make sound effects and display critical hits on cue. This whimsical jaunt through a magical land is based on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, but due to time constraints and attention spans, has been modified for ease of play. Pen and paper not necessary, dice provided, imagination required.


Friday 4-5

by Willow N. and Aimee

Children will be able to decorate a hat for the Awards Ritual and Celebration. They can bring a special hat from home or use a hat we have provided for them. Add totems and colors they enjoy or tie a stick to it. Maybe wings drawn on the side. It’s all up to them.

How To Make A Fraggle Tail

Saturday 1-2

by Calamity Jane

Have you ever wanted to have a tail? Me too! I will show you how make your own wearable fraggle tail using only five different strands of yarn, scissors and your hand as a loom. I will have a supply of yarn and scissors on hand but if you want specific colors or textures (furry yarn makes a nice effect) you are invited to bring your own. Any extra sets of scissors would also be appreciated. So..."Dance your cares away, worries for another day, let the music play...."

Kids playing from

Mabon Games

Saturday 2-3

by Aimee

The children will get a chance to participate in fun competitions. Games will include the 3 leg race, balloon toss, mad dash and more depending on age and number of participants. Every child will later be presented with an award for participation and more based on how well they participated. We encourage parents to watch or participate as well if they like or they can attend a workshop or relax and socialize as the children play.


Mask Making

Saturday 4-5

by Marjorie

Come join Marjorie and make you own personal mask. Get your creative juices flowing and personalize and wear your artwork.

Story Time/Song Sharing

Sunday 1-2

by Calamity Jane and Phoenix

Gather round children young and old! Bring your favorite book to share and make sure you remember all the lyrics to your favorite song so you can teach it to others. I'll be bringing some of my favorite books to start things off along with my horrible off key singing voice. It doesn't matter if you sing badly (like me) because it's all about having fun and sharing space.

Kids Ritual

Children's Awards Ritual

Saturday 3-4

by Aimee

The children will be able to participate and help lead a ritual as well as receive the awards for their brave display of sportsmanship and skill during the Mabon Games. Many of the children enjoy adding their own details to ritual every year. Parents are welcome to attend and help, watch your children display confidence in their achievements or take needed time for a workshop or relaxation.