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We do not allow pictures of minor hosts without parent's permission.
 Beltane Featured Presenters:
Charles and Fancy!

Fancy P. Butler

(She who walks between)

I have been a Vodoun practitioner for 30 years. I Studied in New Orleans under mambo mamma Rose. While I was trained in New Orleans I am trained in the Haitian tradition. I have been communicating with spirits and helping them cross over for some 40 years. I became a mambo in 1998 under the direction of Shakmah Windrum. I am of the warrior path although my house is of water. My other gifts include working with herbs and bone casting. I am working with my husband in the Terreiro del Sol Sirgiu which is an Umbanda house.

Charles R. Butler

Charles Redden Butler Neto is an interfaith minister with Rising Sun Outreach Ministry. He was the founder and chair of Ecumenicon Interfaith Conference for many years. He is now serving as a visiting chaplain for 3 Federal prisons specifically to the Santeria/Orisha communities and to the Wiccan communities. He was ordained a Wiccan priest through the Temple of Isis Rising, and started his Santeria training with Baba George of the Temple of the St. Michael/Temple of the Personal Path in Baltimore, MD. He has studied with two Umbanda temples in Brazil and continues to work with them by correspondence. He expects to be entering seminary this fall at Howard School of Divinity to receive a Master of Divinity degree specializing in prison and chaplaincy ministries. If you need more information, just ask.

 Beltane 2014 Presenters
(alphabetical listing)

Amethyst (aka Mary Kirby, birth name Mary Belle Weeks) was born a witch and has been practicing since age five when she discovered that she could fly (sixty-one years ago). After studying various religions throughout her life, she has somewhat settled down to her own brand of doing what is right. She still owns and formerly operated A Fairies’ Circle (2000 – 2008) Amethyst was ordained by the Universal Life Church in 2002, and founded Haven Universal Life Church in 2005. Amethyst has attended, been a vendor and presented workshops at Beltane and Mabon at Heavenly Acres Campground throughout all the years they have been held there. She was a vendor and presented a workshop at Blue Ridge Beltane at Stoney Creek Campground in 2013. In the past, Amethyst has presented and been a vendor at the former Spring and Fall Gatherings of the Tribes in Windsor, VA, at the Harvest Faire at the Mariner’s Museum in Hampton, VA, and at Pagan Pride Days in Charlottesville, VA. Amethyst was active with the former Cauldron and CUUPS in Harrisonburg, VA in 2001. Currently Amethyst is making and selling mojo bags, afghans, and scarves and also reads tarot. As Mary Kirby she holds a Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Education degrees along with various awards garnered during 30 years of teaching middle school. She is retired, has let her public school teaching license expire, and has returned to her birth name, Mary Belle Weeks. Amethyst is available to tutor, read tarot, and guide individual students through their year-and-a-day.

Aurora Lightbringer

Aurora Lightbringer is an artist, teacher, mother and Pagan author. She has authored two Pagan children's books "The Wheel of the Year" and "I Am the Elements!" and is an advocate for Pagan children in the public school system. She is a m ember of the Weavers and helps to lead public rituals in the Annapolis, MD area. Aurora is excited to drum, dance and create sand-paintings around the sacred balefire as well as co-lead our fire-lighting rituals.

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane has followed the Pagan path ever since she was thirteen. She has been a member of three different covens including a handmadien in the first.  Currently, she is on a solitary path but often times circles with others for the Sabbats.  She has extensive experience working with children and holds a BA in English Education.  She is a stay-at-home mother of Phoenix, a two year old, and Willow, a three month old.


Carol volunteered to oversee the youth activities this year and will be hosting a large portion of the youth workshops. Feel free to lend her a hand.

Deb R.

I have been doing energy work since I was in my early teenage years and was trained in Therapeutic Touch about 15 years ago. In 2008, I decided to take another step in my journey and was Reiki attuned and trained. I was blown away as my ability to sense and provide energy increased exponentially! Since then, Reiki has become a central point in my life. I am now a Reiki Master and have a small Reiki practice in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia and I continue to enjoy my Reiki journey and feel blessed to have Reiki in my life! More info available at:


Raised in a very open home I was able to choose my own path in most things as long as I didn't burn the house down. While my beliefs can only be contained with the word eclectic I have been on a spiritual journey for as long as I can remember and plan to continue exploring until I run out of gas, money, or life... whichever comes first. I have a wonderful supportive husband, a super cute dog, and two cats that are plotting to take over the world.

Katherine (Kat)

Katherine (or Kat) is a member of the Annapolis Weavers group and has been attending Mountain Mysteries since 2011.  Her mother taught her the value of the "stitch and bitch," having a group of friends with whom to socialize and share advise and projects.  Katherine has been sewing and creating cross-stitch and embroidery from a young age and is a self-taught crocheter and knitter.  Katherine is honored to be hosting her first workshop this year!  (Picture Coming Soon!)

Matt and Sunny Adler

Matt Adler has been coming to Beltane at Heavenly Acres for about ten years. He lives on a ten acre farm in New Hope w/his wife Sunny and daughter Joy; a dog, two cats and chickens where they are working towards a self sufficient life. They hope to be completely off the grid in the near future. Matt can fix just about anything and has experience working with carpentry, plumbing, electricity, building, mechanics, healing, gardening, brewing, beekeeping, and self-defense.      

Sunny is an Earth Worshipping, Light Spreading, Homesteading, Garden Growing, Food Fermenting, Mead Making, Beer Brewing, Honeybee Keeping, Trance Dancing, Hands-on-Healing, Motorcycle Riding, Child Rearing, Kirtan Chanting, Real Estate Selling, Universe Flowing, Music Loving, World Traveling, Triathlon Training, Gratitude Filled, Pagan Woman from the Waynesboro/Staunton area (New Hope to be exact)! She is Mother to Joy, Jake, Callie and Mica. She is OH so very happily and passionately married to Matthew. She is Friend to many and hopefully many more to come.

The daughter of a lifelong astrologer, Mikaela is Wiccan and has a strong interest in spirituality on topics ranging from environmentalism, energy work, symbolism, psychology, representations of the Divine, incorporating faith into everyday life and, of course, astrology.  Mikaela is part of Full circle Weavers, an earth-based spirituality women's group based out of Annapolis, MD.


I am Michael Koch. I have been in this community off and on for the past 14 years which incidentally is also the number of years I have been living the life of a Pagan. I have an interest in Celtic Paganism, Shamanism, and the Classical Pantheon. I am also one of the people usually dancing around the fire pit each night. Feel free to stop by and say hello!

~Blessed Be!


Nick is a developing wizard and practitioner of the magickal arts. As well as an artist, he will be tending to the sacred fire. His intentions are to help you share some insight through fire and dance.  And while you are around the fire he will remind you that the fire is sacred to the community. Please respect the spirits, the ground, and be safe while being near the flames. Do not throw anything into the fire without permission and do not "help" with the fire unless asked to do so.

Nuit Moore
Nuit Moore is a Scarlet Shakti Priestess whose temple serves the Goddess in Her many forms as Holy Queen, Divine Lover /Dark Mother, and Sacred Empress of all that is sensual, wild, and ecstatic as well as the dying and rising Gods of the Sacred Marriage, transformation and renewal. She has created and held ceremonial moonlodge (aka Red Tent) circles since the early 90's and loves to bring Red Tent Temple to her sisters any chance she gets ♥ She has been a teacher shamanka of sacred sexuality, women’s red moon mysteries, serpent goddess medicine and ecstatic sacred space for 20 years. She is a lineage carrier and incarnate of her ancestors French/Welsh Romantic tradition which includes the mysteries of the Magdalene, Goddess as Grail and the tantric mysticism of the troubadours. Nuit is also a performance artist, tribal fire dancer and neo-vaudeville/burlesque performer and she employs these arts frequently as a vehicle in service to her personal temple. Blessings of the scarlet thighed Inanna to you!

Sherry Olander

Sherry Olander is a Massage Therapist, Flute Player, and lover of Nature and all things Irish. She has been trying to find the balance between striving and acceptance for many years. She considers herself an eclectic pagan, and has been choosing her own adventure since 1977.


I have been interested in Magick long before I truly understood it. My first real connection with it occurred around the age of 18 when I glimpsed my relationship with the cosmos. From then on I was hooked. Now I find my own path using magickal skills and intuition.

Beltane 2014 Ritual Hosts 

The Weavers are a component of Full Circle, which is a participatory, spiritual practice progr am of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis (UUCA) that integrates a variety of earth-based traditions with the principles of Unitarian Universalism. UUCA’s Full Circle hosts a variety of public programs each year including solar circles for men, women and children; full moon circles for women; and children’s workshops. The Weavers could be considered the steering committee for Full Circle. Weavers is an opportunity for these women to delve into their souls, and find their voices, explore and release their own power. A main goal for Weavers is to empower strong women to enjoy power with—rather than over—other women and to develop ways to create welcoming, safe, and sacred space for all ritual: personal, public and private. Weavers is a diverse group coming from several faith traditions both in- and outside of pagan/earth-based spirituality. A non-hierarchical group, all members take on leadership roles. The group opens periodically to welcome new members.

Aurora Lightbringer

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Deb R. or White Owl Woman

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Jamie G

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