Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping


Please read through the entire page. When you purchase tickets you acknowledged that you have read and understood this form and agree to the Rules and Waiver/Release in its entirety. You are welcome to print this out for your records or use this as a digital copy.  A copy of the Rules as well as the Waiver/Release will be available for viewing at Guest Services.

Let’s All Play Nice

We want everyone to learn, grow, have fun, and be safe.  While you’re with us, please try to observe the following to encourage a peaceful experience for all!

The Campground.  
Christopher Run is privately owned and we are here at the pleasure of the owners.  Please treat the property with respect; clean up after yourself and cause no intentional damage to the property.  
Parents, please take this opportunity to offer lessons in citizenship and respect to your children.  While we are a community, you are ultimately responsible for their behavior.

Campsites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  As revelry often continues late into the night, we recommend that those who require quiet for a good night’s sleep select a site removed from the main event area.  If you need help, go to a Green Bandana.

Poison Ivy 

is present on-site.  Please exercise caution while in wooded areas.  The plant is identified by a cluster of three shiny green leaves and usually grows as a vine but can present as a bush.  If you’re exposed, wash the skin with soap and warm water as soon as possible to remove the irritant oils produced by the plant.  It is also recommended that you wash your clothes and any other surfaces that may carry the oils as they can be transferred to others.  Mild rashes can be treated with calamine or hydrocortisone lotions, cold compresses, and antihistamines.  However, if you experience swelling, blisters, difficulty breathing or swallowing, a rash that covers a large portion of your body or genitals, please seek medical assistance immediately.


Please, no unattended fires in the campground. If you start a fire at your campsite please ensure that is in an appropriate location and that someone there to watch it.

Wee Ones.  

If a child is unable to communicate who they are or who they are with, please include contact information on the child’s wrist band so that we can reunite children with their proper guardian.  In the event we find a lost child we will escort the child to the Tree Frog Lounge and begin the search for their guardian.  Should a parent or guardian leave their child unattended for an extended period of time we will feed the child espresso and then.  Track.  You.  Down.


We ask that you keep all blades peace-bound.  Any blade being used by a host(s) in a Mountain Mysteries ritual may be unsheathed during the ritual after which it should be rebound.  Any blades being used for camping purposes or private ritual in your campsite should remain at your campsite during the entire event.  We are camping, after all, and we acknowledge that knives are essential tools.  We simply ask that they be used for those purposes exclusively.  If you wish to consecrate or charge your ritual blades at any of the festival features, please contact a Green Bandanna prior to performing your work and we will help you make it happen.  
Firearms, on the other hand are strictly prohibited in public and we reserve the right to expel and exclude future participation any guest who disregards this rule.  
* This in no way prohibits the lawful carrying of a firearm by a certified law enforcement official in the execution of their duties.


We respectfully ask that you turn off your phones while in workshops and refrain from smoking inside the spaces.  


Butt cans are distributed throughout the event area for your convenience.  We do ask that you refrain from smoking/vaping inside any Mountain Mysteries sponsored enclosure and that you keep your butts out of the sacred fire.

The Sacred Fire Circle.  

The Sacred Fire is an integral part of our celebrations and we want everyone to enjoy the fire safely and with respect.  The main fire circle is the domain and responsibility of the Fire Tenders and in this area their word is LAW. They have the final word on any issue relating to the fire circle.   Please keep your butts out of the fire circle.  We also ask that you bring only non-glass containers in the festival area and leave all containers outside the Sacred Fire Circle.  While you’re enjoying the dancing and drumming, please be mindful of your own footprints – be aware that there are others dancing with you.  Also, remember that fire and alcohol don’t always mix well.


In this amazingly beautiful setting surrounded by all these amazingly beautiful people, who wouldn’t want to take pictures?  Just remember that not everyone wants to be photographed.  If you prefer not to have your photo taken, stop by Registration and Guest Services will hook you up with a neon sticker that tells everyone “Do Not Take My Picture!”.  If you see a neon sticker, that means “Do Not Take My Picture!”.  Respect the sticker, people.


Who doesn’t love dogs?  Well, maybe those who are allergic.  And, maybe those who are afraid of them.  Oh yeah and, maybe those who don’t understand their nature and how to interact with them.  With the exception of Service Animals, let’s just leave them at home.

Service Dogs.  

Service dogs must be wearing a vest at all time in the event area that identifies the dog as a Service Animal .  While a Service Dog is onsite, the person has to be responsible for the dog. The person is responsible for the dog’s behavior and if the dog misbehaves (barks, growls, etc) the campground and or Mountain Mysteries has the right to ask them to leave.  The person is required to clean up after the dog in public areas and keep the dog under control at all times. Some folks have trouble cleaning up after their dog we ask that you either toilet the dog in out of the way places or ask another person such as a Mountain Mysteries team member for assistance. 

Emergency policy.

In the event of an emergency please follow all festival staff instructions.  We will contact local law enforcement and EMS as needed.  In the event of a weather emergency we will provide information at the Tree Frog Lounge and by a town crier.

Stage and entertainment area.

The only people who are allowed on the upper stage are individuals who have been cleared by the entertainment coordinator. As a courtesy to the musicians please do not handle or play any instruments that do not belong to you with out permission of the owner.  This includes drums in the drumming circle.As a courtesy to the dancers do not drop or leave any item in the area that could injure their feet.

All Guests must wear their wrist bands at all times. All guests must behave in a manner befitting a family friendly festival. ***No pets of any kind are allowed.*** All state and federal laws are in effect as well as campground rules.  If you are found to be in violation of any laws/rules you may be asked to leave.  If in doubt check with a staff member!

Safety Policies

Fire safety:

  • Please no unattended fires in the campground. If you start a fire at your camp site please ensure that is in an appropriate location and that someone there to watch it.
  • If the safety team finds a fire that is unsafe and unattended we will extinguish it.
  • Any person who is performing any fire theatrics (poi, spitting fire, etc) please ensure that you have the proper safety equipment on hand and that you have a safety spotter who is able to use it.  You must also have your own insurance to cover yourself as well as anyone else who may be injured.  The festival’s insurance will not cover this.
  • The main fire circle is the domain and responsibility of the Fire Wardens and in this area their word is LAW. They have the final word on any issue relating to the fire circle.
  • Do not throw anything into the fire unless instructed by the Fire Wardens.
  • Do not attempt to alter the fire in any way unless instructed to by the Fire Wardens.
Medical information:
  • If you have a medical condition that we need to be aware of please inform the person at registration and we will flag your record in the event that any thing happens, and you require medical attention. 
  • Please have sufficient medication for any condition that requires it.

Festival staff:
  • The Festival Team is here to ensure that everyone has a good experience, please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.
  • All Festival team members will be wearing a green bandanna while on duty.  

General campground policy:

         Do not litter, if you have trash please ensure that it gets to the proper container.

         When leaving the festival please ensure that everything you brought with you leaves with you.

         Please minimize vehicle traffic in the camp ground during the festival.

         If you don’t need to drive somewhere then don’t!

         Be nice to campground. We work hard to maintain the sites for this festival.