Beltane - Mabon - Pagan Camping

Welcome to Area 52 and our new Young Adult's Tent!

Area 52 is the new name for the Kid's Tent. The young community decided this was fitting and we couldn't agree more. The youth of the community are very important to us and as a family friendly festival we take great pride in organizing events for the younger ones among us. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a youth activity. We are always looking for brave souls to join us in Area 52! All Youth activities are held at Area 52 unless otherwise noted. Some activities may not be appropriate for certain ages (ie. subject matter, use of fine motor skills, or needing to sit quietly). Some classes may have limits to the number of attendees based on availability of materials.

All times, locations, and classes are subject to change.


10-   Mabon Masks with Marjorie

11 -    Paper Trees

12 -   Lunch 

1  -    God's Eye Craft - Area 52

1-      New Journeys: The Pagan Passage from Teen Years to Adulthood with Jenna           Moondancer  @ The Young Adult's Tent 

2 -     Beginning Jewelry Making with April

3 -     A mystery "How To..." Lesson for Teens @ The Young Adult's Tent**

4 -     Decoding the Crime

5 -     Dinner Break

*A Mysterious Craft/Activity at Night at Area 52* 

Meet at Area 52 for a fun activity!
Time: After Dark - Keep and Eye out for GLOWING objects!


10 -   Medicine Bags with Marjorie

11 -    Apple Magic for Teens @ The Young Adult's Tent**

12 -    Lunch 

1 -      The Secret Message

2 -      Everyday Element Bracelets with Tanya  (Limit of 25) 

For Teens and Younger ones who can handle a discussion.  In this workshop you will make and keep a bracelet made of all natural materials including wood beads that represent all five elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) and cotton cord (no animal products or metals) using a simple knotting technique. The bracelet style is one that you can wear with pride and not have to worry about explaining the symbolism to those “not in the know”.  During this workshop we will discuss each element and its significance in an informal setting. This workshop is designed to include everyone’s ideas and promotes community teaching and learning.

3 -      Super Sleuths - Solve a Mystery - Adult's Welcome                                    

           Big Group Activity for Parents, Kids, and everyone!

4 -      Keynote Address at the Stage

    Pagan Perspectives on Honoring our Dead with David Ewing

    We hope the entire community will come together, young and old alike, to learn about     an important event in everyone's lives.

5 -      Dinner 

*A Mysterious Craft/Activity at Night at the Young Adult's Tent* 

Meet at the Young Adult's Tent for a fun activity!
Time: After Dark - Keep and Eye out for GLOWING objects!


10 -   Answer the Riddle

11 -    Under the Magnifying Glass

12 -   Closing Ritual